Sunday, 1 May 2011


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Like every single other Calgarian, I checked out the new farmer's market on Blackfoot Trail and Heritage on Good Friday.  The place was completely packed and you were only able to manuvur around taking little baby steps.  I went with my mother who is the perfect person to bring as she loves all the food vendors as much as I do. 

Seeing a couple plates go out from Shef's, deciding what to have for lunch wasn't too difficult.  I absolutely love Indian/Ethnic cuisine and everything looked so tasty.  Both my mother and I decided to dine at Shef's.
The owner was handing out samples and answering any questions.  She seemed very friendly.  

I tried to get my mother to try something she hasn't tried before but she settled on the butter chicken ( $8.50 for the small)  and a beef samosa on a bed of rice.  There was large tender chunks of chicken and a rich flavorful sauce. Both my mother and I loved it. I have to say it is probably one of the best butter chicken recipes that I have had.  My mom also enjoyed her beef samosa.   She was a little disappointed that there was no naan bread.  I guess they weren't quite set up to make the fresh naan at that time.  More reason to go back!

I went with an East African curry called Kuku Paka ($10.00).  This was chicken & potatoes in a  creamy yogurt coconut curry.  They have a number of garnishes and chutneys available to add to your plate.  The owner suggested a couple to try with this dish and they were amazing.   Honestly the flavor of this dish explodes in your mouth.  I'm glad I got a large. 
I also tried the Lasuni Daal.  My favorite Daal is Tadka Daal and this reminded me quite a bit of that.  It was smooth and flavorful and its mild flavor went well with the spiciness of the Kuku Paka.

I bought an order Pakora's also.  They were good, much like I've had before.  Crunchy and tasty.  I could of used a sauce to dip them in.  Not sure if they have one, but wasn't offered one.  

 I washed it all down with a creamy Mango Lassi.

I think next time I go back I'll try some other items that they have available to take home. I've tried numerous times to make Indian at home and can never pull it off.  Perhaps I'll take advantage of the cooking classes they offer as well!

Other than buffets, whenever I've gone for Indian, it does seem to be a little on the expensive side.   Two dishes, pakora, samosa, lassi and pop was around 30 bucks.  That said, I think you get what you pay for here.  Great flavorful food that you cannot replicate on your own at home.


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  1. These looks so good! nice post!

  2. You should try the indian place at crossroads market next time. They do a platter for $8 and its fantastic quality and value. You would not need any sides, and try their Chai tea latte whilst you are there, its amazing!