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1935 Uxbridge Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 2V2 
Ph: 403.220.0222, Fax: 403.282.5062

When I'm looking to go out for a very nice affordable dinner without the prices and pretentiousness of a lot of the newer restaurants around the city,  one of my first choices is Redwater Rustic Grille.  They have a great casual elegance that I just love.  The decor at all the locations is classy, modern, comfortable and comforting.  The food is always delicious, fresh and unique.  They always have something new on their menu either from the specials they run, the deserts they offer or sides and sauces that come with the meals.  To be honest, I have never had a bad meal there yet. 

On this occasion (my birthday) we decided to head to the Stadium Location.  Having gone to the University of Calgary and lived in the NW, it is crazy to think that this location use to be a MacDonald's.  I believe this location is the smallest of the four in the city but it is set up very nice. My favorite are the couple tables that have these oversize large red chairs that are ultra comfortable and giving a table of four a very private feel.  Almost like being in a booth but better.

The Vintage group of restaurants , which Redwater is part of, has its own bakery where they make all their own breads.  As soon as we sat the waitress brought us some fresh bread with a garlic parsley butter.   The flavors of the butters always change and are always really tasty.    

We started off with a great appetizer.  I didn't see it on the menu but the General Manager suggested it to us and we are glad he did.   It was prosciutto wrapped lobster served with some sort of peppercorn sauce .  The presentation was top knotch and the flavor was delicious  I honestly could of just eaten these all night long. 
Prosciutto Wrapped Lobster

All the "Naked Entrees" as they call it, come with two sides and a sauce.  I had the Wild Shrimp & Scallops ($29) tossed in a chili garlic butter sauce.  For sides I went with the roasted red beets w/rosemary and the agria potato and white cheddar pave.   The shrimp & scallops were large and done perfectly, not overdone like many places.  My sides were perfect and so tasty.

Wild Shrimp & Scallops in Chili Garlic Butter accompanied by Roasted Beets and Agria Potato White Cheddar Pave (fancy scallop potatoes)  

My wife and son both opted for steaks.  My son had the NY ($33) without any sauce but is was seasoned perfectly!  It was probably the most tender NY I've had, at least in recent memory.  He had the scalloped potaoes but had the brown butter broccolini .  The brown butter sauce was awesome!

My wife's Filet ($31)  was done perfectly and she had it topped with the garlic poblano butter.  She went with the fingerling potatoes and squash maple glazed squash which she couldn't get enough of.  

For dessert we all shared a Banana Bread Pudding Cake topped with a cashew caramel ice cream and drenched in a caramel sauce.  It was absolutly awesome and a perfect ending to our night.

Banana Bread Pudding Cake w/Cashew Caramel Ice Cream 

We don't drink but I know Redwater has some of the best wine programs in the city.  Scott the general manager, is a sommelier and the Vintage group is constantly educating their staff on their wines, even sending them to become wine stewards.  I know they take pride in helping customers choose the right wine for their dinners.

I just love going here.  The service was exceptional and  the food is beyond expectation.  Affordable to the average person looking for a nice dinner out.  They are a great company and very involved in the community.  They happily donated a giftcard to a charity event I hosted a couple years ago and I know they do the same for hundreds of charity efforts around the city.  

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