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(403) 301-4880 
8330 MacLeod Trl SE

Calgary, AB 

Hidden in the Heritage Plaza strip mall, just off of Macleod Trail and Heritage Drive is a little cafe named London Fog Cafe.  In the decade I have lived in the community of Fairview, this place has gone through a few different names and to be honest I have never been inside until recently when I saw a "breakfast all day" sign by the entrance.  Until now I has just thought this was a typical coffee shop selling coffee and mass producted danishes and muffins.  
When I walked in I couldn't believe the extensive menu options.  They do have all your coffee needs like any other typical coffee house but they have everything else from fresh baking, cookies, sandwiches, homemade soups, breakfast, wraps and cabbage rolls!  
I instantly gathered the family and headed there to eat.  They have a number of different sandwiches to choose from, along with breakfast all day and the daily special

After much debate I settled in on the grilled Reuben and soup which was the daily special.  The sandwich was delicious and grilled perfectly.  The meat was warmed up on the grill before being placed in the sandwich.  I love the little crispy texture it gave on the meat.  Other places I've had this sandwich just steams or microwaves the meat and it just isn't as good.  I could tell the potato bacon soup was homemade.  It was delicious as well and actually a fairly good size. I had to fight off my son from eating almost all of it.  
Grilled Reuben w/ Potato Bacon Soup

My wife had a regular roast beef sandwich.  The beef was fresh , tasty and plentyfull.  The bread was pretty pedestrian.  It would of been nice if they had a choice of some nice artisan breads but it did the job.  All the sandwiches come with your choice of salad or a bag of chip.  She chose a salad with french dressing.  Really, nothing too special there either.  I think they could really do something special here.  Homemade dressing, mixed greens rather than the regular iceberg salad.
Roast Beef Sandwich w/Iceberg Salad

 The boy had a breakfast bagel sandwich.  He had a choice of 1/2 a dozen different types of bagels (they should have this type of choice for breads too).  The sandwich was pretty good and large.  Scrambled egg, cheese and grilled ham on a jalapeno bagel. The best part, served all day.  I could eat breakfast all day long.

All Day Breakfast Bagel 
The owner, Len, came by our table to see how things were and chatted for a bit.  They seem like very nice genuinly friendly people.  They took over the business just over a year ago.  He was telling us how they take turns making soups everyday and do all the baking themselves.

The food was good, made with pride and care.  I think they could take a few small steps to modernize the food a little with maybe some artisan or homemade breads (to keep with the homemade theme they advertise). 

I did notice before leaving that the art on the wall was for sale from a local artist and they did have a certificate on the wall thanking them for helping in the community in their charitable efforts.  This didn't surprise me, as they seemed like great people.   

They have a good thing going, in my opinion.  Hopefully they can keep it up. 

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