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Although this Calgary gem has been around since 2004, anyone who doesn't live in a hole should know what a Crave Cupcake is all about.  I could not go without posting a few pictures and thoughts about this great bakery.

I love when businesses  find one thing, do it perfectly and can be successful at it.  Crave is it.

Grabbing a cupcake from Crave is usually our first choice in satisfying our sweet tooth.  Living in the south end of the city, the location at Willow Park Village has become a regular stop on our weekly routine.
Maybe its because I've been with a brunette for the last 21 years, I almost always indulge in the "Dirty Blonde" for my treat.  This delicious vanilla cake is thickly swirled with best tasting chocolate butter cream I have ever had.  

It's very chocolaty and the hint of a fudge makes it even more decidant.  I've heard critizisms that there is too much icing on their cupcakes.   I'm a firm believer you can never have enough of a good thing and  these are beyond good. 

The cake is dense enough to not crumble in your hand while remaining fluffy and moist.  Tasty and always fresh.  They are a good size too.

My wife and son always opt to get a variety of mini cupcakes.  I like that as I can always take a swipe at the variety of icings, all delicious.  Their coconut butter cream and cream cheese icings are just awesome.! Not sure how else to describe it.    

I've tried a couple of the other Calgary cupcake companies that have come around in the last few years (Bliss & Co. and Buttercream Bake Shoppe).  Crave still tops these places in my opinion.  I've tried a number of icings from all the places and Crave really knows what they are doing.  

At $3/cupcake, it may seem a little expensive for a cupcake.  These aren't mom's cupcakes  and certainly not your mom's icing.  I don't mind paying good money for a great product.  Especially as a treat.  

I think the best thing I love about Crave is that they are involved in the community and have a couple programs set up to help the homeless/food shelters and people with their charity efforts.  Having run a charity event relying on local business to donate product and services to a good cause, its nice to see they are taking their success and paying it forward.  

As my 11 year old says "Crave Cupcakes are CRAVVVVY GOOD!"  I agree.  

T: 403-209-4903

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