Thursday, 21 April 2011


Unit #187 7th AVE. SW
Ph. 403-265-8441
Fax. 403-265-8431

When I first saw the store front of Chachi'swhen it opened a couple years ago,  I loved it.  I loved the fresh look, the deli display fridge, and I love the menu.  It's a great concept.  


 They serve classic Italian deli meat sandwiches topped with Havarti and Jack pepper cheeses wrapped in butcher's paper.  They have unique sauces and spreads like red pepper, basil pesto and garlic aioli.  This is a far change from a Subway sandwich.

They offer sides like giant dill pickles, spicy pepperoni sticks and a homemade Mac & Cheese. 

They have a number of sandwich choices to choose from or you can make your own versions.  I've done both and have been pretty happy with everything.  The sandwiches aren't particularly cheap with most around the $9 range.  For that, I do wish they did give a little more meat and toppings.  I don't think the unique spreads  and cheeses warrant such a pricey sandwich. With a side and beverage, you are looking at a $14 lunch, for a sandwich.

Spicy Italian

 Their Mac & Cheese is pretty good.  For a side, its just over $3.  I realize it's not a baked mac & cheese but I feel it would use a little crunch factor from a breaded Parmesan topping to make it perfect.  For $1.25, getting the huge dill pickle is worth it.  So tasty.

They have a good sandwich. I didn't find the staff overly friendly like you would get with a family owned business but friendly enough.    I toss Chachi's into my lunch rotation once in while but its not a regular stop.  Tasty but I'm too cheap.  There are lots of good places to eat for less.    


They must be doing well as they have locations popping up all over the city.  I checked out their website and it doesn't really give a back story on their development or what they are doing for the Calgary community. I may be more likely to eat there more often knowing they were giving back. 

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  1. I wasn't a fan of Chachi's in the SouthEast! :( Service was poor, and it just wasn't worth it for me! I was hoping it'd be better at a different location, and now I'm starting to think now. Oh well, lots of better things to eat in Calgary! :)

  2. Have you tried Fresh Delicious on Stephen Ave? I'll have a post coming sometime in the next decade. I loved it. Great sandwiches. Fresh, unique. Try it out.