Sunday, 3 April 2011


507-17 Ave SW Calgary

Always searching for a good deal, I came across a DEALFIND for Wicked Chili and snapped it up. I absolutely love Indian cuisine and could not wait to get out to this relatively new restaurant on 17th Ave.
Wicked Chili shares the same building as La Casita Mexicana. In fact, although the two restaurants are separate I believe our waiter was serving us along with the other dining room for the Mexican restaurant. Either way, it didn’t effect the level of service we received. In fact the waiter/manager was very friendly and great.

A couple of us started off with a mango and sweet lassi. They were great, so refreshing.
There were five of us and we ordered more food than we should of. My eyes are always larger than my stomach but I wanted to try everything on the menu.

We had vegetable pakoras (photo), okra masala (photo), dal masoor, butter chicken (of course), chicken bharta (photo), beef korma, prawn vindaloo, saffron,  coconut rice and heaps of fresh baked naan bread (photo).

I’ve been to a number of Indian restaurants, ( mostly buffets) and although I love the cuisine, I have found that some of the flavors blend together with subtle differences.
Not here. Every dish was so fresh and flavorful. Every item had its own very unique flavor that really danced off the taste buds. I couldn’t pick out a favorite item. Everything from the sweet coconut rice to the fiery prawn vindaloo was so delicious. I’m going back for the rice pudding and gulab jamun. No room this time around.
Wicked Chili - 507-17 Ave SW Calgary. 403-984-3500

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  1. Hmm... there's a new special on living social, and I'm hesitant as there has been some negative reviews lately. Maybe it is worth a try! Thanks for posting!

  2. I had just been back to use an expiring coupon myself. I think it's worth it if you have a coupon for sure. I have noticed they have raised their prices since my last visit. Probably due to the fact everyone uses a coupon there. Food was still very good. Service was suspect. Try going on a slower night.