Monday, 28 November 2011


Unreal Crazy Tasty Scones. I stumbled upon them being sold out of a bike on Stephen ave. Different flavors all the time, but I'm a fan of the savory ones. Crisp crust and moist tasty insides.

I searched out their storefront which happens to be fairly close to me by Chinook. Super friendly staff and you get to see the owner/baker hard had work. Still trying to get my hands on the cheese sticks.......always sold out. I decided on the sticky buns/cinnamon buns.  Honestly, almost as good as grandma's.  Seriously.

They have some sort of bread delivery  program too......might have to try that. 


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Giant Hamburgers n Fish

This place is garbage. Taking an item out of a freezer and package, frying or grilling it and putting on a plate is unacceptable. When I went here I was hoping for something more like boogie's burgers or those really good family run hole in the wall place that serves fresh made family recipes. Not here. The burgers are pre-made out of a box! I won't mention the straight faced, uninterested owner behind the till. The place being empty at 12:15 should of clued me in to walk out.

I had photos to post but the food actually looks lot too bad.....I wouldn't want to mislead anyone.

Giant Hamburgers n Fish on Urbanspoon

VERY BUSY ( or lazy...something like that)

Ok people, here's the story.  I was a little too gung-ho when I started this blog.  I was thinking how great it would be to write a review blog.  Pffff.....I'm far too busy (lazy) so from today on I think my reivews will be short and sweet (if any).

I've been using Urbanspoon for most of anything I review.....check me out and follow me over there.  I've been posting lots of photos there and trying to review most everywhere I try.  Enjoy.

Thanks all.

Corner Deuce

Friday, 29 July 2011

Summer Break

Hey All,

I'm just enjoying the summer golfing and eating away.  I have about 20 places and tons of photos I want to tell everyone about....soon.  Waiting for a rain day. 

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